Why Us

Our extensive network of engineers and experts has a huge collective skill set; they are socially and technically capable to handle issues. Our engineers hold all necessary technical competencies which differentiate them from others. Our engineers handle all sorts of IT support based tasks, such as installation of hardware, replacement of broken or malfunctioning parts, repair of parts and configuration and installation of devices. We have essential capabilities, talent management techniques, business handling capabilities, support strategy management capabilities covering an entire spectrum of IT equipment covering everything from user environment to network infrastructure. Our engineers have specific mindset that allows them to effectively handle problems and in providing solutions. The way our team functions, provides solutions, faces challenges and gives speedy responses prominently reflects the company’s capabilities and leadership skills. We along with our team believe in providing best services to each of our clients that leaves a long term impact on their minds.

Our Services


Remote IT Support

Upthink provides Remote IT Support Engineers for remote projects/positions from our clients on a global scale. We provide remote Helpdesk solutions catering Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 supports.

End User Computing

Our Engineer work as “Hands and Feet” for our clients. Our team provides guidance, recommendations, planning and assistance to our clients with personal computer, printer, mobile phones and other device acquisition needs.

Outsourced IT Resource

One of the most attractive services of UGT is its outsourced IT resources. Some of our clients have unique requirements calling for the presence of full time engineers at their premises.

Cisco Support

At our 24×7 support center a highly certified team of network engineers manages a large array of Cisco devices at our client’s offices and data centers


Whether you need a hard drive replaced in London, a printer fixed in Munich or a tape library installed in some other remote location

Data Center Support

We offer a range of services when it comes to data center support having our clients signing different types of retainer agreements with us.


We have carried out many successful roll out plans of software installation / up-gradation and hardware installation that have left us with many satisfied customers.

IT Stock Storage

Upthink offers IT Stock Storage facility at several locations round the globe while considering the needs of our clients. You can get the stock shipped, store it and use it in future.

Service Desk

We at Upthink have designed a Service Desk that provides utmost ease to our clients and help them in resolving technical issues and complaints of any level of complexity throughout the world.

Our Clients